Friday, March 23

The first step of my new blogging journey

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Hey! I’ve always had this deep passion for writing stuff that make no sense. I also like to make a joke out of me sometimes. Or almost every time for that matter.

*Sorry for the worst site layout in the entire world. I am working on it!

Kevin Hart

Meanwhile, welcome to my diary. I am not going to write too much today; but it is my new journey as a blogger. I have written several football blogs in the past, shared my stories but I have never really written regular personal blogs. Hopefully, this is a start of something great (probably not).

In the blog, I will review books weekly – a task I have vowed to take upon for a long time now. Furthermore, I will share interesting stories of my life (if there are any of course).

I will also share a few nitpicks about several events online, about the latest movies and share a song to add to your playlists if I ever come across a masterpiece.

For now, all I can say isĀ  – Welcome to my Vine where the grapes could really be sour.



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